Gifts are poisonous sometimes

Life is sweet, when people are able to cover daily expenses, otherwise it becomes sour. It means that any assistance/favor hides something. Why did he/she assist me instead of… charitable people say normally that they feel better when involving in charities; great, feeling better means profit (benefit of mind).

However, everything has a purpose; did someone send/offer/give already a gift (not at all a reward) for nothing? I am not sure, because any present/assistance/invitation hides a project. To emphasize this matter, gift can be material or immaterial; that means moral debt or corruption. “A lady can engage in love affair with someone; but at the end he has to pay (blackmail or any kind of payment), so any pleasure/gift/present is dangerous. Be careful”. I will offer you whatever you want; sure?

Therefore; only win-win relationships works properly in this world; like it or not. In addition, some gifts corrupt ethics principles and personality, even morality. To illustrate, it happens that people use gifts/favor, by lack of strategies, to corrupt. In Africa, most of people use this strategy to corrupt many, especially when developing ambitious agendas (so many charities to needy communities and advocacy, but at the end rebellion and riot emerge “don’t touch my benefactor”. What is cruel in today’s world especially Africa, any given present has a benefactor’s label “given by Cliff Wane or thank you Cliff Wane”; it can be a bus, a pen, seeds, commodities and so on).

I would like to be a millionaire a day, but hard work is required in this regard; strangely, if big companies provide me great opportunities, suddenly my statements are going to embrace their philosophy, even if undeserving.  On the other hand, if I get millions via hard work, no one will influence my views; therefore, any gift hides something. Why not giving it secretly? If so, my conscience will torture me “do whatever he desires, because he has been so kind to you”. Therefore, it is suitable to pay for any advice/service; do not say always thank you “thank you means put me under your direction, on one hand; on the other hand it is a compliment”.

Reward/recompense is better than gift (what have you done to get it? So, there is nothing for nothing). So, in my country parents do not encourage ladies to accept so many gifts from men; at the end they will be forced to fall into love affair via moral torture.

Should I accept gifts, even free advice?