22 tips to fully succeed in life (What people have to consider daily), by Cliff Yumba Mpiana Wane

1.     Success is matter of determination

(From the bestseller SUCCESS IS POSSIBLE (study of six cases) http://youtu.be/kK_6WDR0rp4  

Success is human being main focus, that is why governments and scholars try to explore any kind of strategy in way to deliver in due time.

However, achievers are most of the time hard workers and fully committed to get whatever they pursue, like pursuing happiness at any price. So, understanding what success means is able to help people catching what is behind any venture. Therefore, success as a concept means:

S: serious about what you intend to achieve

U: Unity, mind, spirit, action and body (physically) must focus on the same interest; do not talking about any achievement when your inner potential focuses on different things.

C: Comply with key requirements, which are: patience, perseverance and determination

C: be Careful, when performing well; so, do not allow people to destroy your hope, neither playing with what is precious to you.

E: Emphasize, believe in what you pursue, by not giving up. So, you should use words of winners, such as I am really successful, challenges are always temporary.

S: Surrender every project to daily efforts, by not doubting a day.

S: Solve every single problem via perseverance

Therefore, Success must always refer to what is abovementioned dissected, because Risk is behind any devoted candidate.

2.     Decision helps people to proceed, I mean to go through


Taking action, actually decision is very important in today’s life; otherwise, things cannot improve and change. So, every decision hides risk, and without it achievement is unreachable.

Because RISK is very important in today’s life, it is for sure suitable to dissect its depth;

R: Reject or rejection

I: Interfere or interference

S: System or secret

K: Kind or kindly

It means that taking risk seems to be more independent, not relying on what others say because every single consequence affects you. Risky decision attracts shortly deserving achievement, your motivational speaker says.



3.     Forgiveness is always unreachable


During reconciliation, people normally say that they can forgive, but not forget; in the other hand, scholars say that forgiveness means forgetting. This latest is not correct, because parents and big institutions advise/warn and alert always appointees (representatives)/children to be careful when dealing with someone, now suspicious. Human brain cannot erase souvenirs

I made so many researches when scholars addressed main issues about reconstruction and reconciliation, especially after extramarital affair and broken diplomacy (relationships). Thus, it is suitable to say that renewing commitment means “make a fresh start/bury the hatchet: restarting a relationship via new clauses/principles and concessions”; so, it is not at all forgiveness because things will never work like before.

With regard to the abovementioned; people normally say:”we must be careful to avoid chaos like before”, or “as soon as we are able to face challenges, revenge will take over”. Therefore, forgiveness is always unreachable and tremendously inaccessible; politicians, marketers, consultants, entrepreneurs, lovers, relatives, officials, even believers very seldom forgive.

Because it is unreachable, riot, poisoning, assassination, demon smile, suspicion, disbelief, intense silence, less communication, less talk, less visit, revenge, high competition and loneliness intensify its effects daily. Consequently, people prefer to not experience heartbroken by strategically banishing some of accused friends in other days (he hurts my feelings; so, I will never deal with him, but I already forgiven him).

Seemingly, everybody says:” I forgive him, but he does not (because new requirements prevent him to deal with the accused/charged)”. Like it or not, this is human behavior. Does someone rebut these allegations, because forgiveness means double dealing (hypocrisy and duplicity)?

Via dream, it is possible to forgive, but reality does not allow people to really forgive; because so many possibilities are around, such as “I should not make a mistake”. I fell pregnant of this guy, and upset me. After two years, he begs a pardon/forgiveness. Should I renew my commitment? What about the worst to come (if he breaks again my heart?)?

Your motivational speaker is about to address this issue, via public lecturing; “Forgiveness is unreachable, but duplicity makes it possible, Cliff YM Wane says.”


4.      Take your time, Happiness is possible.

(From the bestseller SUCCESS IS POSSIBLE (study of six cases)


Money and wisdom are for sure precious tools in today’s world; but we are not worshippers of the two. It is just necessary to underline the impact of its implications in daily.

However, life is always linked to circumstances and living conditions; on other hand, God is able to grant someone with many years, no matter his unsatisfactory social conditions.

What is very important remains happiness; how old are you? I do not actually know, but try to weight circumstances that happened to you during whatever you have tried to achieve. Are there positive? I am not sure, because sorrow accompanies human being every season; today, you smile, tomorrow is another day. At least, when SUCCESS IS POSSIBLE (study of six cases) asks you a critical question, which is WHAT DO YOU WANT? Just say: I want Happiness. Do not say: Money; because the following question will be: Afterward (After Money, you will need another material. Therefore, Happiness is our main expectation. Moreover, It seems that I am a motivational speaker, but I need as well happiness).

Take your time, sustainable happiness is possible. To emphasize, I was shocked to see one of my friends pouring his bitterness to me:” he has decided to divorce because his wife could not accommodate a husband with a minuscule private part, according to her statement (it means after insulting her:”you haven’t a female attractive body, I made a mistake to marry you”)”.

Happiness is very important, money is the lowest because happy people deserve to live many years; strangely, Money shortens sometimes life, even wisdom. When people know more or have got many investments, they are about to do unacceptable because of their highest knowledge.

Is it possible to be happy? Yes, of course; desire and actions make it possible. Therefore, carrying a big heart is able to generate sustainable happiness. This is my empirical conclusion.

Are you really happy? Be honest with yourself

What do you think (about my conclusion)?


5.     Trust is bedrock of deception, according to my empirical study


Optimism and faith are recommended to those who are willing to succeed shortly. Who do you trust? Why do you trust him/her? Beauty, knowledge, apparent wisdom and talkativeness are not enough; take your time, do not rush. In this regard, I saw marketers launching unlawful advertisements to increase profit; over time clients run away. Who do you trust and why? Is it really worthy?

It is very important to trust deserving people, but trusting exclusively in you should be better than anything else. Do not trust anyone, even if others trust him; simply verify by taking your time to deliberate.

Deception comes when people trust someone, but it cannot emerge if they trust only in themselves. «Shame to me, I have trusted him; but he decides to marry that discourteous lady”.

To sweeten harmful consequence of deception, do not deliberately trust anything/anyone; but take your time.


6.     Dream becomes true over time


Determination is very important in every venture; otherwise special goals are unreachable. What kind of words come out of your mouth? Are you really sure about what you say daily? Control your tongue, even your daily statement because you are building your future via your thoughts/words. So, be careful

At 11, I had a heart attack, because of…

But one of my biggest dreams was “becoming a day the wisest man like King Solomon”, it means that starting to share strategies and experiences. Indeed, what makes me happy daily is “encouraging others to do well, as I went through a lot before starting to give advice on various issues”.

Therefore, dream becomes true over time (a Motivational Speaker seems to be a little Solomon).


7.     Affection disappears over time


Affection is very important, because it allows people to assist and to help others when necessary. Strangely, it seems to be a short-lived because of DECEPTION.

Deception changes direction and strategies; “She is my angel, over time she becomes a demon (because of cheating); I love you, later I hate you; I like it, I do not. Why? Because of deception; In other words, it is suitable to say that I am about to love you, not at all I love you”.

However, I would like to say that any human being is naturally kind; unfortunately surrounding and relatives’ attitude encourage him to be a permanent wicked.

Write it down, from now, DECEPTION alleviates affection.

Am I right, because it is actually an empirical study?


8.     Revenge is matter of time


Building profitable relationships is better that cheating. However, today’s world stands for hypocrisy and diplomacy. Very seldom, people challenge openly opponents; but they use sweet words, even desirable expressions in order to negatively surprise, that means revenge.

Like it or not, revenge is always matter of time; before inserting it daily, people take time to  deliberate, like spies.              

Be careful, deal honestly with people; otherwise, you will regret sooner or later.

Therefore, revenge takes over when ignorance increases. It means that people persevere till accomplishment of vengeance. Appearance does not matter, but imperceptible plan is able to surprise unexpectedly.



9.     Patience helps people to sustain relationships


Dealing with friends, scholars and relatives remains a difficult exercise, because human behavior depends on background. Who are you? Where are you coming from? What kind of project do you plan?

Building profitable relationships is not easy, sometimes people become discourteous because of… strangely, by pursuing profit they change mood, now courteous. In way to face such situation, carrying a big heart, which is able to accommodate everything, helps people to permanently be patient. Do not rush, when responding to an insult; take your time, before taking any negative action. It means you are about to secure a relationship.

With impolite people, you can deal peacefully; but at the end, they will renew ways of thinking. Patience is a lesson to everybody; do not divorce, even if your partner seems not deserving better; do not banish your children, despite crook; do not blame your family for spending unlawfully your assets… be patient in way to sustain whatever relationship you built. Later, things are going to change.


10.           HOPE encourages people to persevere and to endure for ever


H: Heart

O: Opportunity

P: Persevere

E: Endure

No matter situation, Hope brings perseverance daily; from the bottom of heart, people are pretty sure to capture opportunities to come. It means that they renew commitment daily. Hope is really fashionable.


11.           Achieving any goal via POTENTIAL is possible


Dreaming is so far good, but following key requirements is the only way to achieve any goal.

In today’s world, people build win-win relationships; in other words, be focused on something special is the only way to achieve any goal.

With regard to the abovementioned; devoted candidates must discover their potential, before going through. Therefore, ability/potential is able to impose dream to reality.


12.           Lies influence negatively people, but truth sustains key principles


In today’s society, liars are the most prosperous; so, politicians, scholars, strategists, marketers, executives, freelancers are performing well via lies.

However, extramarital affairs, riot, deception, revenge, heartbroken, divorce, suicide are key consequences of lies. Thus, everyone is a liar, no matter his social conditions. Should you lie on daily basis, in way to be prosperous? Not at all, because lies:

  • Break heart
  • Are sorrowful to victims
  • Generate hatred
  • Break relationships
  • And so on

At the end, personality is affected; in other words, deserving reward of liars remains bad reputation for ever.

Truth sustains a position, even a vision; success that is brought by lies is always a short-lived, which is followed by rejection.

For sure, lie is a shortcut; and after that? Permanent sorrow

Be careful, if you are a professional liar, because consequences are permanently bad. Therefore, do not rush “to open your mouth”

  • R: roar
  • U: urgent
  • S: Speed
  • H: Hurry


13.           Money inspires people to achieve a lot


I am really confused to see people smiling when Money comes; I mean when it is about to comes. However, most of the time people are poisoned and killed because of money interference”come to my villa to fetch something ((Money); let us enjoy extramarital affair (Money), and so on”. Why Money imposes people doing whatever it wants, instead of wisdom? Be careful

When Money comes; projects increase, even implementation process”people normally say: we can, because of our assets”. What about strategizing, before involving in any kind of venture (patience)? Is it possible to take time, before implementing a project?

Is Money powerful than wisdom?

When I say that Money inspires people to achieve a lot; it means that Money makes possible everything, which is why it guides sometimes immature to achieve unnecessary projectsTherefore, maturity is required when money comes instantly.

A Motivational Speaker must address these issues, especially at that recession period.

Be honest; are you able to direct Money, according to your vision? I am not sure, because money encourages insertion of unplanned projects (sometimes, imperceptible). Am I right?



14.           Meaning of “becoming shortly millionaire


Becoming shortly millionaire means self satisfaction (reaching self satisfaction), that means plenty or abundance. I want just to say that someone can be millionaire spiritually (highest wisdom or knowledge, excellent adviser. It is as well an expression of invisible millions) or financially (I have provided in this regard some tips to become progressively millionaire financially; as I am as well following every detail of my instructions to devoted candidates). However, my French article makes too much noise, even my youtube related video; “devenir millionaire, c’est possible! (BECOMING MILLIONAIRE IS POSSIBLE), most of readers thought about money when intercepting the matter.

What is your input to current conclusion? Unseen millions are millions like what people possess materially. Therefore, invisible millions attract visible ones.


15.           Is life sweet or a continual battle?


Most of people say that “we must struggle daily in way to get whatever we dream”. So, what about patience? Patience is very important daily, because patient people get big results. Thus, what about daily struggle in way to overcome obstacles? It is a deep matter that needs scrutiny.

However, I was so confused, because patience does not rely on struggling; at least, we have to struggle in whatever venture we pursue. This is true, of course; but…

Sweetness of life means enjoying whatever situation happens; in other words, carrying a big heart leads to deserving life. What do you think about my empirical conclusion?


16.           Silence is the biggest weapon, which is able to restore, to build, to destroy, to rebuild and to sustain. Is silent gives consent? Maybe

17.           Money and wisdom are precious tools in today’s world.


(From the bestseller SUCCESS IS POSSIBLE (study of six cases) PIPE Strategy http://youtu.be/kK_6WDR0rp4

People build only profitable relationships, which rely on Money and Wisdom. However, it is not understandable to be considered in today’s world, when there is no significant proof that is attractive. Who are you and what kind of business are you doing?

  • Love affair in today’s world does not at all rely on pleasure, but money and wisdom are behind apparent feelings.
  • Someone cannot involve in unprofitable relationship, even relatives; so everything is based on profit. To fully succeed in today’s world; you need to use Money or Wisdom; it critically means that making yourself more attractive.
  • Wisdom:

Wisdom is able to make Money and more consideration, which is why intelligent and wise countrymen are behind powerful men. So, when living miserably, the best is to detect what is important within you; otherwise, poverty and unsatisfactory conditions will enlarge the space of its tent.

  • Discovering your potential is able to transport you everywhere, according to your vision. Thus, people are attracted by all that glitters; despite not at all relevant, be first of all attractive before improving anything.
  • Money

Money helps everyone to get whatever he wants, I would like to visit Hawaii Island, following day I take my flight (because of Money). I would like to build a big company; feasibility study and recruitment start because of Money.

  • With regard to above paragraph, Money is able to build any kind of relationship, so wise and intelligent are willing to work for those financially powerful.
  • In a nutshell, it is possible to feel happy when one of the two is daily used; otherwise, people qualify you useless in today’s society.


18.           Overcoming permanent fear shortly


Today’s world talks about recession and rocketing unemployment rate; but it is simple to overcome it, such as defeating shortly stress. However, FEAR let stress to reign for many days; because people are not sure about what is going to happen shortly. “Maybe, he (it can be a Chief Executive Officer, an official, an Husband and so on ) is about to sack me from my position; So, permanent fear leads daily mood, such as “What did he say? I am finished, my future is darkened”.

Why people are always worried (FEAR) about Future? Sincerely, they do not have self confidence; in other words, failure comes by lack of self- assurance. Is anyone able to trust entirely his ability/talent? If he does; it means that he is about to overcome fear and get whatever he desires.

Are you really able to accommodate whatever happens to you? Dismissals, recession, loss of assets, unexpected crisis, heartbroken via affair crisis, rejection are precious tools that help people to proceed carefully. Joy and sorrow are short-lived experiences, because circumstances are linked to seasons and market standard. Today, I love; tomorrow is another day. Are you the very first divorced? So, why are you crying? “To exemplify, I fell in love with someone two years ago as I wanted to get married, 24 days later I was forced to break up with that undeserving/wanting lady (liar, crook, immature and so many negative conclusions, despite a 32-years-old in 2012). Consequently, I have come to understand that a deserving lady must comply with key requirements (especially being able to advise her husband on various issues), otherwise it is nonsense to engage in a relationship”. Today, I am the happiest man in the world, because of my highest wisdom in this regard; so, do not panic about the worst to come “ be confident because things will never be the same”.

Do not at all fear, self-possession allows people to build better life than before; experience integrates daily because of previous challenges. Therefore, you should say:” no matter situation, I will proceed”.

Write it down, from now, any shock produces sweetness.

Self confidence is matter of choice; you can…



19.           Pain and cry increase Wisdom


Pain comes via torture and unexpected ways, but consequences are always sweet. Before giving birth, women cry because of that grievous pain; strangely, after few seconds Joy rises.

Write it down from now, pain (sorrow) is always sweetness bedrock; so, take everything easy.


  1. Be focused means having a project:


  • Plan
  • Review
  • Organize or operate
  • Jigsaw, a project is like a puzzle
  • Evaluate
  • Clear
  • Target

So, this is the meaning of project or to be focused



21.           Patience and Perseverance lead to Success.


(From the bestseller SUCCESS IS POSSIBLE (study of six cases) PIPE Strategy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvdwq1VstLQ&feature=youtu.be

Success becomes possible when people are fully committed to deliver some of precious goals. Unfortunately, failure integrates daily because most of candidates to success do not comply with key requirements, which are patience and perseverance. Indeed, patience and perseverance lead to success, but decision, now action, must accompany whatever dream that is expected to land.

  • Patience

When someone focuses on something, possibility to achieve a goal becomes accessible. Strangely, Reality does not accommodate every single dream instantly. You wish you were married; that is perfect, unfortunately finding a deserving partner/fiancé is matter of time (patience). Choice, circumstances and decision follow progressively in way to get whatever you dream. Do not rush, take your time, success is matter of perseverance. Thus, patient people get always prestigious and big results.

  • Perseverance

Perseverance allows people to get whatever goal they desire; in other words, any achievement imposes grievous conditions to achievers. Love affair, riot, social policy, business and related fields obey to law of perseverance.

Be attractive needs time, otherwise everyone could be famous instantly

Make a successful riot requires a lot

Finalizing a successful social policy is not easy; so policy making environment must persevere till succeeding/achieving a related goal

Building an environment according to your dream requires perseverance, via more actions and less talk

Therefore, patience and perseverance boost actions, by providing optimism and courage to dreamers.


22. Legacy boosts personality


Today’s world builds only win-win relationships. However, I am based in Lubumbashi; strangely, surrounding and others do not care about my business card. It means that they are not asking it.

Strangely, after Sunday’s service in my congregation (04/05/14), I had an opportunity to talk to the guest preacher about my relationship that was based on social policy with the Nepad, the South African Presidency (during president Mbeki, 2002-2007) and the Western Cape province of South Africa when Director General of Excellence Africa NPO and Chief negotiator of the Katanga Western cape bilateral in 2007.  Consequently, he could not believe because he was surprised to see a gentleman based in Lubumbashi talking about big issues; and that preacher is REVEREND/Professor Frank CHIKANE, former Director- General/Chief of Staff of the South African presidency (during President Mbeki, 10 years).

On my side, it was an exceptional opportunity, because I have never met with him when in office; however, I dealt with other offices under his direction.

Suddenly, people start asking my business card. Yes, legacy boosts personality. How to sell yourself, if you do not have references?  What have you done to be considered? Who do you trust (attend) and why? Do you have an idea on future implications? Choose carefully who to trust, and included what office/meeting to attend


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